Pushing Metal to the MAX

Met-MAX pieces together your metal forming process

Met-MAX Innovations is dedicated to delivering solutions for net-shape forming of metal partsMet-MAX stands for pushing Metal to the Maximum.

  • We have a history of nearly 800 patents in 18 countries.
  • We have over 30 technical professionals with a combined experience of over 600 years.
  • Our facilities and equipment are state-of-the art.
  • We are a self-standing division of a global company with many resources.

All this equates to superior capabilities to help our customers develop and produce net-shape complex metal parts…   with significant cost savings on expensive material and secondary operations…    with high volume production lot economies…   with reliability to meet high quality standards.

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Frequently asked Questions
A: It is a process that takes new or existing metal shapes and forms them more efficiently. With the ultimate goal of achieving a desired net-shape to eliminate the need for any secondary processes.
A: Met-Max offers: Metal Process Development R&D, Tool & Process Engineering, Temporary Proprietary Part Production.
A: Met-Max can provide you with more efficient designs that can eliminate secondary processes, speed up production, and offer tighter tolerances. We also offer the ability to convert part processes from powdered metal, stamping, and screw machining.